PSD to Html

How to create PSD to Html Conversion?

PSD to HTML Conversion

PSD to HTML conversion is strong in the web development arena. Since 2005, we have been working in the website design and development industry. As a leading provider of HTML services, we create world-class solutions using advanced functionality. We convert your Photoshop designs into a purely hand-coded multi-browser compatible website, W3C validated HTML / CSS markup and pixel perfect website.

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Our proficient developers adhere to the use of HTML, along with CSS and JavaScript, to give your website design an aspiring look and feel. This cover, but is not limited to, HTML, jQuery, CSS, and JavaScript. Our HTML websites / converted files are easy to integrate with any CMS. We use classy parallax and custom animations for an engaging feel.

While there are many companies that specialize in converting PSD layouts to HTML / CSS, here is a step-by-step guide for beginners to hone their experience in website design using HTML.

Know Your Tools

Converting a website design from PSD to HTML requires a clear understanding and expertise in front-end development. Converting from PSD to HTML is not just about mastering HTML, adding a pinch of CSS and a bit of JavaScript as a measure. Converting modern web pages is critical and requires extensive knowledge not only a markup language (HTML) and style (CSS), but also of the key features of a web page, including jQuery and JavaScript. Furthermore, mobile and tablet website design is the calling of the age, and therefore those factors need to be considered as well when translating a PSD design to HTML.

Start With a Simple Design Layout

To get started with building the HTML layout, it is important to analyze the layout first by considering the Photoshop layout and identifying the sections that are unique. Some of the important components to consider are the slides, background, media, widget, header and footer. Pay attention when naming the class or id as these are the names you will use to markup the HTML. Now, based on this, create an HTML layout.

What exactly is PSD?

PSD stands for Photoshop Document. For image editing Photoshop is one of the most popular software. You can edit photos, create layouts with a layered focus, and save layouts in various proprietary formats.

The default file format for PhotoShop is .psd. Web designers prefer to create their designs in Photoshop first and then convert them to HTML format. Oftentimes, designers don't handle conversion jobs themselves, but coding experts do.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is a popular coding language that uses the web pages that are created. This coding language uses preset tags. If you want to convert your PSD file to HTML, you should be familiar with HTML tags. There are several versions of HTML, and when you want to convert your design files to HTML, you should use the latest version of HTML to ensure the highest level of compatibility possible.

Web design is a creative process, and if you were to start coding directly, you could lose creativity and aesthetic appeal in the process. Also, it's hard to see where you are going when you don't have a graphic representation of the design.