About AP Razhu

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About Me

I am A.P. Razhu a digital marketing, SEO and Web Design Consultants from Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad, India. I am also an accomplished trainer graphic, web design, web development and digital marketing service provider. I successfully completed more than 237+ projects all across the world and has a strong desire to create a global village.

I am a one-man army and also the founder of Ram’s info and Visakha guide. I am very passionate about computer technologies. I developed a keen desire to learn and master web technologies since 2005 the first website created by me was in Dreamweaver and Html/CSS in 2005. Later I established Ram’s Info in 2012 with due interest. It provides web designing, web development and acts as a digital marketing firm in Visakhapatnam, India.

I am an UI/UX Designer with 13+ years of work experience in web technologies and medium to large tech companies leading product definition and development while improving user experience in design web and development, digital marketing, web applications and android.

I am a specialist in formulating strategy and developing creativity solutions that facilitate product development. I make companies, organizations, developers and individuals even look better than their earlier performances by bringing creativity and helping them to drive their business towards success.

With my best background knowledge in graphic design and illustration, I foreground responsive web/mobile to look good on all devices. I am also a perfectionist in designing and build beautiful things with the latest techniques and technologies. I have a good command in giving my finest performances in digital marketing also. I earnestly work hard with an honest mindset.